P2P loans are loans that are granted through online

The collaborative economy has revolutionized our society in recent years, names like Airbnb or Booking are already part of our daily vocabulary. Within this context, peer to peer or p2p loans arises, one of the main alternatives to traditional banking that are gaining strength in recent years. P2P loans are loans that are granted through

How do I calculate the repayment of a loan?

A loan is a contract whereby one of the parties (which we call a lender) gives money to another (called a borrower). For its part, the borrower agrees to return to the lender all the money borrowed plus interest, setting specific conditions and timeframe. The repayment of a loan is precisely the process followed by

Refinance housing loan: the art of negotiation

This year too, tens of thousands of Belgians will cancel their existing housing loan and take out a new one at the same time. Often at a different bank, but also arranged with the current financier. The fact that a fixed interest rate over the total duration was deliberately chosen at the time does not

Substantial decline in credit complaints

Credit providers nowadays seem to be more tactful with the financial interests of consumers. The number of credit complaints that the economic inspection reached last year decreased by 16% compared to 2014. As there was no noticeable adjustment to the FPS Economy in 2015, the substantial decrease can be entirely attributed to improved mode of

Loan ranking: The best mini-credits

Autumn is here! Do not leave everything for the last minute and the Christmas season is getting closer. Check the ranking of the best mini-credits online, choose the best loan and make your purchases in advance. The fall season is here and with it the costs of going back to school. Christmas is also approaching,